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CAI is driven by a passion for Africa that connects our team of more than 300 expert consultants, on and in Africa. CAI’s tailored, client-oriented approach to analytical research, focused solely and comprehensively on Africa, ensures fully informed decision-making through customised intelligence solutions.

With our headquarters in South Africa and consultants spread across the African continent and abroad, CAI combines in-country presence and expertise with a holistic understanding of our local and international clientele, making CAI your definitive partner in Africa. Learn more about CAI.

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Maxwell Ojelede

Meet Maxwell Ojelede

Maxwell Ojelede specialises in banking and finance, with more than a decade of work experience that cuts across journalism, political and country risk, investment banking, oil and gas, among others. In addition to his affiliation with CAI, Maxwell is Partner at Oldstone & Green, an emerging market consulting, research and sustainability advisory/rating firm with a focus on Nigeria, and Partner at En-pact Solutions Limited, an Environmental consulting outfit. Meet more of our expert analysts.

Featured Discussion Paper

Beyond Mombasa: Rethinking counter-radicalisation in Kenya

Written by Robert Forster and Alex Waterman (1)
Sunday, 22 February 2015 12:35

The sectarian element of al-Shabaab’s raids in Kenya in 2014 and a growing trend of radicalisation among Mombasa’s youth raise the question of how Kenyatta’s government will tackle the roots of radicalisation. Recent fast-tracked reforms indicate further centralisation of power in the hands of the Jubilee administration to the possible detriment of reconciliation with Kenya’s marginalised Muslim minority. Read more...

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