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CAI is driven by a passion for Africa that connects our team of more than 300 expert consultants, on and in Africa. CAI’s tailored, client-oriented approach to analytical research, focused solely and comprehensively on Africa, ensures fully informed decision-making through customised intelligence solutions.

With our headquarters in South Africa and consultants spread across the African continent and abroad, CAI combines in-country presence and expertise with a holistic understanding of our local and international clientele, making CAI your definitive partner in Africa. Learn more about CAI.

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Adam Choppin

Meet Adam Choppin

Adam Choppin is the Investment Analyst for ACMM and President of Fronteira Global. Since 2008, Adam has advised clients and investment partners on over US$ 2 billion in debt, equity, political risk insurance, and other commercial strategies for investments in Africa, the Middle East and South America. Adam previously worked as a trade and economic affairs liaison in Afghanistan, Cape Verde, Ghana, Iran, Mozambique and Sierra Leone. Meet more of our expert analysts.

Featured Discussion Paper

Mugabe woos China and Russia: The Asian nations will profit most from the overtures

Written by Sandile Lukhele (1)
Tuesday, 21 July 2015 11:56

Russian President Vladimir Putin and China’s leadership respect Robert Mugabe as a fellow autocrat but will finesse their bilateral relationships with his country according to their own goals, not Mugabe’s. Regarding long term agendas, China and Russia will likely build military bases in other, more stable African nations. Read more...

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